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internet marketingThis is a platform that seeks to help you establish a blog that will turn into a moneymaker. Our goal is to give you tips on what are the best ways for you to earn from your blog. We aim to show you that it is possible to earn money from your writing hobby so that you will rake in all those dollars while sitting at home or at a café and doing what you love.

HobbyToHot.com. started in 2014 as a separate blog when family, friends and even people I don’t know started asking me for tips on how to turn their blogs into moneymakers. In the beginning, I started responding to their requests on an individual basis. Then I realized that it would be a lot better to create this platform in order to share my tips to a bigger audience. So this is how this HobbyToHot.com platform was born.


blogging and online marketingI sincerely hope that you will be able to enjoy the content of this blog. All of my tips here came as a result of my experience and research. As I continue to research and look at top online and blogging trends, I will continue updating this platform as much as I can. I seek to only share tips here that are proven to work and will definitely help you get started or for you to probably make certain tweaks in order to make your blogs more successful.

Creating this blog has made me very happy as I am able to share my knowledge with family, friends and the rest of the world. I hope that you gain as much knowledge and happiness as I do when I am doing all of my posts here. If you have comments or thoughts about any of my articles, feel free to let me know.