Content is King

blogging and content

You might have come across the catchphrase “content is king” several times in your blogging research. No matter how tired you are of hearing about it over and over again, content continues to be the primary consideration of all bloggers.

Great blog content is important for several reasons. Foremost of this is the fact that it is content which drives traffic. And traffic is definitely important in marketing your blog and earning from it.

So how do you ensure that you have great content? Here are some tips:

1. Your content must always be original.
Google penalizes websites that engage in plagiarism. If you copy content from other websites, your blog will always be at the bottom of search results, all because of Google’s algorithm updates. As much as possible, come up with original ideas and concepts. Those who are researching online are always looking for the next best trends.

2. Spark people’s interest

Create engaging, interesting headlines. This is what will drive visitors to your site. Headlines are important because sometimes this is what most visitors will read when they get to your blog. So make sure that it is engaging enough to get them interested to read your post and stay in your blog. If they do, they are more likely to click ads posted on your website.

3. Use actionable and engaging content

Do not be afraid to ask people to engage with your blog. Make sure that you use content that leads to conversions or make them debate or comment on your articles. This enables you to also rank better.

4. Add images and videos

It has been noted that videos and images increase the amount of time visitors spend on a particular blog site. Make sure that these added graphics enhance the value of your content.

Are you now ready to create more content? Keep checking this page for more tips.